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Dolphins Fans Frustrations Continue as They Fold Once Again

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The Miami Dolphins choked. This has been going on now for what seems like forever. How many times have we seen this over the last 30 years? How many times have the Dolphins teased us only to blow it at the end of the season?

Remember the Leon Lett Game? The Fins get a huge gift on Thanksgiving and turn that into a win to go to 9-2. They never win another game the rest of the season, miss the playoffs, and watch Lett’s Dallas Cowboys celebrate a Super Bowl win.

How many times did Miami go to Buffalo late in the season with a playoff spot on the line only to get beat? Or how about losing two AFC Championship Games at home to AFC East rivals, the 1985 New England Patriots and the 1992 Buffalo Bills? Or how about having a comfortable halftime lead against the San Diego Chargers in the 1995 season, only to blow that game and watch San Diego move on to play in a Super Bowl game in Miami? How many times have we seen them start a season 4-0, 5-0, or 6-0 only to finish 8-8 or 9-7? So we should be used to this by now, right?

Well, for some reason, Miami keeps sucking us in thinking things are different now. This year, after a decade of being Tom Brady’s whipping boys, they finally beat him and the Patriots in a big game. This was coming off huge road wins late in the year at the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers game was in a snowstorm which has always spelled disaster for the Dolphins.

So with only the lowly Bills and the down and out Jets left and Miami really needing to win but one of those games, this would finally be the year they get back to playoffs and get this train rolling forward. We should have known better.

Not only did the Dolphins lose to these two patsies, but they scored a paltry 7 points in the final two games. How do you beat the Patriots and get your biggest win in years and follow that up with two absolute stinkers? It’s a Dolphins thing that the rest of you just wouldn’t understand.

So now, predictably, the rumors are rampant that there will be major changes coming in the wake of this latest collapse. In my opinion, to fire Joe Philbin would not be the brightest move, especially if you wait and do it a week after everyone else has already fired and in some cases hired a coach. Philbin needs more time. Two years is not exactly a long stretch to change the culture of this team. We saw how bad things really are in the clubhouse with the offensive line fiasco. That likely cost Miami at least two games in the standings.

Philbin seems to have the team headed in the right direction, or at least up until two weeks ago it was. He needs at least two more years before we can really evaluate where the team is and what to do going forward. Changes coaching staffs every couple of years is part of the problem.

I still think Ryan Tannehill could wind up being a star in this league. But Miami has to surround him with some talent obviously. He is no Dan Marino so he needs a running game and a defense that can play. But at some point, this team has to close. They need to become more like the Chargers who always seem to charge on in December. The Chargers problem is January. Right now Miami would just like to be playing in a January.

Now if they want to fire Jeff Ireland, I think we all can get on board with that. Just don’t bring back Bill Parcells.

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