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Jimmie Johnson is the 2013 Sprint Cup Champion. Get your championship gear here at Fanatics They have your championship hats, shirts, jackets, bumper stickers, car flags, coolers, etc. here.

Jimmie Johnson has now won six NASCAR Sprint Cup Championships. He is only one short of tying the all-time record of seven set by Richard Petty and later tied by Dale Earnhardt. Whenever a driver is mentioned as an equal of those two drivers, you know it does not get better than that.

As a fan who grew up watching Petty and watched Earnhardt’s entire career and has now seen all of Johnson’s championships, I can tell you that he is as dominant as those two were in their primes.

Like Petty and Earnhardt, he has dominated on all kinds of different tracks. He wins on high-banked superspeedways, intermediate tracks, and short tracks alike. He has won “the Big Ones” with two Daytona 500 wins and four Brickyard 400 wins. He has also dominated at the Charlotte Motor Speedway as well.

But, then again, where hasn’t he dominated? He is a threat to win every week at every race. And he has done all of this without getting booed every week, which is really amazing since drivers who “win too much” often become villains.

But then again, Johnson just wins races. He doesn’t knock people out of the way to beat them, he just drives by them. Once he gets a lead, he rarely gives it up again. He and his crew chief Chad Knaus have formed an unbeatable pair between them. Knaus puts him in position to win and Jimmie delivers championships.

So wear your 2013 Jimmie Johnson Sprint Cup Championship gear next season while you watch him try to tie the two greatest drivers in the history of this sport with his seventh championship. The 2-13 championship stands out because it was the only one not won during his “five in a row.”

This title is proof that Johnson was not just dominant during that five-year run. He will go down as the dominant driver of this entire era. And considering he is doing that while another one of the all-time greats, Jeff Gordon was his teammate and half-owner, which is really impressive.
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