Release time | 2017.04.27

    Banana is a bulk farm product of world trade. The consumption of fresh fruit ranks first in the world. In the past decades, the planting area of banana tripled and yield increased fivefold. In 2014, global yield of banana reached 106.5 million tons, accounting for 16.8% of world fruit. The annual output valve was about 43 billion USD and trade volume reached 15 billion USD.

    Banana develops exponentially in US. It is also the miniature of it rise sharply and rapidly in the world. Chinese market is also fierce. Since appearing on the market, high-quality Goodfarmer Banana are popular in the market. From 2014 to 2016, the salve volume of Goodfarmer Banana ranked first in China for three consecutive years.

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    Defeating apple and orange, banana becomes the new king in the world of fruit. It has its extraordinary features. The banana has unique taste. It is soft, glutinous and lubricating. Whatever for the aged or infant with baby teeth newly grown, both of them can enjoy the delicious banana. Banana is sweet. Smooth appearance, tender pulp, slight fragrance and sweet taste make it look like lotus in fruit, fresh and refined.


    The most important is that banana has rich nutrition. It can build your body and regulate physical and psychological health.


    So far, the annual yield of banana has exceeded several million tons, it is the most frequently consumed fruit by people. Goodfarmer is lucky to participate in the banana team in an attempt to bring more delicious, fresh and good-quality banana for Chinese people.