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There were probably a few Tampa Bay Rays fans a bit upset at the team trading ace starting pitchers James Shields in his prime and throwing in a potential-ace-down-the-road in Wade Davis to get a minor leaguer. But that minor leaguer in question was Wil Myers who went on to win the American League Rookie of the Year. I don’t think those fans are upset now.

Myers did not come up to the Rays right away. The Rays struggled through the first five or six weeks of the season, barely able to reach .500. But then they called up Myers after 70 games and from there, they were one of the best teams in baseball the rest of the season. In 88 games, Myers had 53 RBIs and helped the Rays get into the American League playoffs.

The scary thing about this kid is he has barely scratched the surface of his potential. He is getting by all pure talent right now and he is getting by very well. When he learns the big league pitchers and the big league ballparks, watch out.

Myers could have been greatly affected by his outfield blunder in the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox in Game One. Thinking Desmond Jennings had called him off of a fly ball hit by David Ortiz, Myers peeled off at the last second and the ball fell in for a double. After that, the floodgates opened up and the Sox cruised to an easy win. The fans were relentless in their mocking of the rookie, but he was undeterred. Although he had only one hit in the series, he played all four games
Myers is one of those franchise-changing talents that come along only every few seasons. Teamed with Evan Longoria, the Rays look to be well stocked for many years to come in the middle of the batting order. With these two big hitters and their over-abundance of good pitching, they will be a contender for a long time.

You can get your Wil Myers jerseys, t-shirts and other collectibles here. Myers’ #9 will be roaming the outfield in Tampa Bay for many seasons. Unlike buying other players’ jerseys who could be gone in a year or two, a Myers jersey will be a good one for rays fans to purchase. He isn’t likely to show up at the Trop in an opposing uniform anytime soon.
So shop here for your Wil Myers gear and support your Tampa Bay Rays as they make yet another run for the postseason in 2014. This year we will get to see Myers from Opening day through the World Series…hopefully!

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