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Miami Mike Is Doing Backflips ?


Miami Mike is doing Backflips in his cave because he is happy that Steven Ross the owner of the Dolphins Finally got rid of the general manager Jeff Ireland. As matter fact he got two birds with one stone last week when he fired Mike Sherman .

Mike thinks these are two good moves but also thinks they should have got Philbins money also, while you can blame a lot on Jeff Ireland over the years and even this year with the horrible offensive line and the changes at linebacker and last but not least not resigning Reggie Bush. With all this being said the Dolphins were still staring at an 8-6 record with two games to play against not very good teams in the jets and bills and could not come up with a game plan to win either game and did not look ready to play or all that interested despite the playoffs being on the line for them This is why Mike thinks they should have changed out Philbin as well.

Philbin seems to be a nice guy but what the Dolphins need is someone who will spark the team cut somebody when they do something stupid, or get in somebody’s face and demand their best, philbin is just too calm , and this stuff about needing a cue card to talk to your team after the game is not the sign of a true leader.

Mike thinks Ross should start over because he doesn’t think Philbin can lead the Dolphins into the postseason next year and Mike says maybe the new offensive coordinator can have a different snap count other than go for run and go go for pass.

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