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Miami Mike Is Pissed At Fins


Miami Mike is very pissed that the Dolphins choked their way out of playoff contention and was really shocked by the way they layed down in the last two games of the season against the Jets and Bills only scoring one touchdown in the final two weeks , Mike thinks heads should roll for this collapse and thinks maybe Philbin should go with Ireland and Sherman.

The Dolphins only needed to win one of their two final games to make the playoffs for the first time and five years and they played like they had nothing to play for while the Jets and Bills played like teams wanting to get in to the postseason.

The Dolphins need someone on their team next year that will get in somebody’s face if they have to and played pissed and not except anything but and all out effort all the time.

On the bright side Mike thinks they are not that far off from being a playoff contending team next year they just have to at the very least Fire Sherman and hire a new offensive coordinator.

Mike Says Stephen Ross the owner needs to do something this week this week to keep the fans buying tickets and coming to the games and buying jerseys.

Mikes wish list for 2014 a new Offensive line a new offensive coordinator and a top Running back would help, till then we have the Heat, the lightning and baseball will be back soon. At least the Heat will be fun to watch until summer is here again.

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