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Miami Mike Says Dolphins Need To Focus


Miami Mike Says Dolphins need to Focus this week on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and not let all the outside noise disrupt their game on Monday Night.
Mike Says this has been a bizarre week for the fins and thinks they should just focus on football it is really all they can do at this point, the media seems to want to try and tear this team apart.The Dolphins travel to Tampa to face a team that is 0-8 and has had their share of controversy and troubles all year. The Bucs do have some talented players, such as Vincent Jackson, And Revis and Dashon Goldston who probably wishes he was still playing for the 49ers.

The Bucs do also have a talented running back in Doug Martin who is not expected to play Monday night and may be lost for the season. The Dolphins meanwhile have had many issues over the past week and a half and Mike did not seem to want to weigh in on this matter, but bullying anyone is not cool in Mikes book. The Dolphins are down to starting linemen this week and mike says if the Dolphins aren’t careful they could lose this game to the Bucs who are due to win a game eventually, and Mike doesn’t want it to be this week. The Bucs came close last week in Seattle against the Seahawks but lost in overtime. Miami should win this game this week they are the better team and Mike likes the Dolphins 27-10, what do you think the score will be ? Please feel free to leave a comment, Mike needs somebody to talk to and is just getting over a bad cool, but he is drinking plenty of fluids, which in his case is cold beers.

Mike Says if you go to the Game that Hattricks sports bar in Tampa is a good place for a victory drink.

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